Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CIOB Novus Site Visit

Students from 3rd and 4th year visited the Techrete Plant in Balbrigan as part of the CIOB Novus group. The visit was very informative and a great insight into off-site Construction. It also allowed the students to meet with young professionals working in the indfustry which gives students great benefit in there research and studies.
I would like to take this opportunity to invite students to become involved in the CIOB Novus group and to take part in future visits.

Friday, November 12, 2010

CIOB Student Bursary 18 Nov 2010

This year’s CIOB Student Bursary will take place on Thursday the 18th of November 2010 at 6.30 pm in room 281.A presentation will take place on the building of the national conference centre by John Sisk and sons in a similar format to last year.

CIOB Eastern centre representatives will also meet there to present the Bursary to the winning student.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Architectural and Construction awards


THREE of the past year’s major Dublin commercial and civic projects have picked up Opus awards in the over €20 million category: the Aviva stadium at Lansdowne Road, the Criminal Courts of Justice and the Grand Canal Theatre.

There were four winners in this category and the other building is a spa and leisure building, added to the Europe Hotel in Killarney, Co Kerry. It was designed by Gottstein Architects (which was established by Achim Gottstein, whose father worked on the original hotel in the 1960s).

The Opus Architectural and Construction awards are assessed by a panel who shortlist the submitted buildings and then spend four days visiting them. The core panel has been judging the award for many years and, says chairman Ciaran O’Connor, they are “from different backgrounds and don’t always agree”. This leads to lively discussion over some projects.

O’Connor is an excellent critic of buildings and has a keen eye for good design, planning issues and build-quality. The judges’ citations are balanced and well observed and show that the judges were looking not only for aesthetic qualities but fitness for purpose, ease of use and context.

The citations are not afraid to allude to a building’s shortcomings, even in winning projects. For instance, the Grand Canal Theatre gets an award but with the note that “there was much discussion about the applique of stylistic motifs or ‘branding’ to this building and its relation to the Grand Canal Basin”, hinting that architect Daniel Libeskind’s work has been a bit repetitive and stylistic of late. Yet they acknowledge that the structure, built by John Sisk and Sons, “is an achievement” and that the “design supports and enhances the overall theatrical experience”.

The courts, by architects Henry J Lyons and contractor PJ Hegarty and Sons, are praised for their immaculate detailing and quality of build: “There may be quibbles regarding some elements of urban design but it does most things very well”.

Issues in building procurement are addressed in the statement, “There is a design and build quality rarely seen in other public private partnership projects”.

The Aviva stadium, by Scott Tallon Walker and Populous architects and contractor John Sisk and Son, is praised for being “contextually skillful” in the way its roof rises and falls to fit into its neighbourhood.

“This stadium is an example of how good design can transform an ordinary brief on a difficult site through a few well-chosen and strategic moves.”

Other non-housing winners of the Opus Awards include Skibbereen Credit Union, in the Heritage category, by Mike Shanahan and Associates and contractor Murnane and O’Shea, which follows good conservation practice in distinguishing between the existing structure and the addition: “The new and old elements are clearly and separately handled with care and precision”.

A Pastoral Centre in Dunshaughlin, Co Meath, by McGarry Ní Éanigh architects and contractor Aidan Elliot Construction was Highly Commended in the Under €2 million category for transcending “its mundane site and impoverished context”.

The Milk Market redevelopment in Limerick, by Healy and Partners Architects and contractor LM Keating, got an Award in this category being praised for being “modern yet modest”.

In the €2 million to €20 million category, GKMP Architects and SIAC Construction got an Award for Urban Landscaping of the Parade and Canal Walk in Kilkenny which is “modest in execution but does the obvious and everyday things very well”.

Source: The Irish Times

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mater Hospital Redevelopment Dublin Site Visit

The DT117/4 and the DT117/2 groups have completed site visits to the Mater Hospital were the new adult hospital is being built.

The redevelopment of the Mater Hospital site incorporates new Adult Hospital facilities which adjoin the existing Hospital structures and a double level basement car park provided beneath the expansion.

A particular challenge is the incorporation of the new development with the Metro North Mater station, which is partly located underneath the new buildings.

The new hospital facilities comprise approximately 68,000m² of new accommodation at a value of approx €140m.

DT117/2 Students attend National Skills Competition

The DT117/2 class visited the National Skills and it was a very productive and informative visit. All the supervisory staff at each competion gave the students a talk on the piece of work being completed by the competing students.

The 53rd annual National Skills Competition has apprentices from all over Ireland to compete to be the national champion in their chosen trade. The competition aims to test every aspect of the skill and workmanship of the apprentices over an intense period of two and a half days.

Every two years the best Irish apprentices compete in World Skills, which has been dubbed the Olympics for tradespeople. World Skills 2011 will take place in London and it is hoped that Ireland will be well represented. “Irish apprentices have proven that they have some of the highest levels of workmanship in world” said Donal Keys. “We have an enviable record at World Skills where we’ve won the gold medal in 3 out of the last 4 years for car mechanics and also won gold last year for aircraft mechanics. That’s an incredible achievement for such a small country as Ireland.”

First Year Site Visit

The blogs from the first year induction site visit have all been submitted and the selection of the winning blog and the second placed blog has been finalised. We examined the blogs and marked them on the content, grammar, photos and links created to other websites. On these criteria we are putting the following blogs forward.


Matthew O'Grady
Craig Grattan
Michael Phelan
Brian Creighton

2nd Place

Matthew Dunne,
Adam Kavanagh,
Billy O'Mara,
Neil O'Brian

Congradulations to all who took part in this competition and thank to all for your co-operation on the day of the site visit.